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Saturday / July 20. 2024
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It aims to improve rural livelihoods by assisting stakeholders in generating carbon credits through mitigation measures.

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and the Suzuki R&D Center India Pvt. Ltd (SRDI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collectively advance initiatives in renewable energy, circular economy, rural development and waste management. This collaboration aims to improve rural livelihoods by assisting stakeholders in generating carbon credits through mitigation measures, exploring mechanisms for carbon credit exchange and developing methodologies and tools for assessing carbon footprints of rural livelihood activities. All three organizations will also collectively undertake comprehensive studies, assessments, training programmes and share research and training facilities to further the objectives of MoU.

The newly signed MoU outlines the roles of NDDB, TERI and SRDI in promoting sustainability and improving rural livelihoods. NDDB will support surveys and pilot initiatives by leveraging its rural network. Collaborating with TERI and SRDI, NDDB will assist in generating carbon credits and providing technical expertise. TERI will conduct assessments with focus on carbon credits and pilot projects, aligning their efforts with sustainability goals. SRDI will support assessments by linking with national and international entities, as well as assisting in carbon credit quantification. Additionally, SRDI will encourage innovative solutions for sustainability in the dairy sector.

The MoU was signed in presence of Dr Meenesh Shah, Chairman and Managing Director, NDDB; Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI and Kenichiro Toyofuku, Director, SRDI. The partners also agreed to jointly represent their collaborative research, methods, findings and policy solutions at various forums to promote sustainable rural development.

Emphasizing the importance of this collaboration, Dr Vibha Dhawan said, “ The partnership with NDDB and SRDI will enable us to expand our efforts in promoting sustainable practices in rural areas. Through research, training and capacity building, we empower farmers and rural communities to embrace eco-friendly methods and contribute to a circular economy,” she highlighted.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr Meenesh Shah stated that this MoU represents a significant milestone towards sustainable rural development. “By combining our strengths and resources, we are ready to develop innovative solutions that will not only improve rural livelihoods but also promote environmental sustainability. Our collaborative efforts in renewable energy, waste management and carbon credit mechanisms will lead to a greener and more prosperous future for rural communities and propel India towards net zero dairying,” he added.

 Kenichiro Toyofuku informed that SRDI, as an Indian subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, is focused on technology development for mobility and achieving carbon neutrality. He further added, “One of our key objectives is to adopt clean fuels like dung-based biogas for mobility. This MoU with NDDB and TERI is a noteworthy step towards deeper engagement with the dairy sector, helping us achieve sustainability goals for both the automotive and dairy industries. Together, we can drive innovative solutions that benefit the environment and rural livelihoods.”

It aims to improve rural livelihoods by

As per the agreement, in initial phase 4 numbers of Biogas plants will be established in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat by 2025.

Banas Dairy, a prominent name in the dairy industry under the brand of GCMMF-AMUL, has taken a significant step by signing a three-party agreement between Suzuki R&D Centre India Private Limited (SRDI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation in India, and the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to establish Animal Dung based Biogas Production Plants.

The contract conclusion ceremony was held at the Embassy of India in Tokyo, Japan, in the presence of His Excellency Sibi George, the Ambassador of India to Japan, along with T Suzuki, President, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, Shankarbhai Chaudhry, Speaker of Gujarat State Assembly & Chairman- Banas Dairy, Meenesh Shah, Chairman- NDDB, Jayen Mehata, Managing Director- GCMMF-Amul and Sangram Chaudhary, Managing Director- Banas dairy.

This meaningful collaboration began when Banas Dairy signed an MoU with Suzuki and NDDB in December 2022. This project is focused on making India cleaner and helping farmers earn additional income from by-products of their animal husbandry business. This cleaner energy of Bio CNG can be further utilized for production of Green Hydrogen as well as Liquid Bio Methane (LBM) as a green energy sources.

As per the agreement, in initial phase 4 numbers of Biogas plants will be established in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat by 2025. This numbers of plants can be further increased as per mutual agreement of all parties. These plants will play a crucial role in reducing pollution and preserving our environment and also generate green and clean energy, with a total investment of approximately Rs 230 Crores. Additionally, biogas filling stations will be set up alongside each plant to distribute fuel for CNG vehicles, and organic fertilizer production facilities will be established to promote Organic Farming.

Shankar Chaudhry, Chairman of Banas Dairy, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This project is a testament to the vision of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is guiding us to create a greener India and provide our farmers with additional income opportunities with Net Zero Carbon Neutrality and promoting circular economy. These projects are an initial step to make Banaskantha district, an organic district and energy self-reliant district. We are proud to be part of this important journey.”

As per the agreement, in initial phase