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Saturday / June 22. 2024
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CEF Group aims to engage 1,00,000 households in the next three years of expansion through employing 5000 Gardeners in Delhi NCR and few other cities.

 The CEF Group, a pioneer in waste management and an advocate for sustainability, has recently announced expansion plans for its revolutionary “Urban Farming ” initiative. The primary goal of this initiative is to usher in a new era of organic farming and transform urban spaces into thriving green sanctuaries. With a steadfast commitment to converting urban areas into thriving hubs of greenery and sustainable agriculture, the CEF Group is gearing up to onboard and train 5000 skilled gardeners for fostering employment opportunities, promoting environmental sustainability, and ensuring community well-being.

Since its inception in April 2022, the Urban Farmer initiative has gained traction in around 250 households across Delhi NCR. It encompasses a wide range of areas including kitchen gardens, green spaces on balconies, rooftop plots, and even farmhouses. By employing creative agricultural techniques and skillful arrangement of planters, this endeavour has effectively nurtured a wide variety of vegetables and flowers within the constraints of people’s own homes at their balconies, terraces and kitchen gardens. CEF Group’s urban farming efforts are driven by a combination of factors that align perfectly with each other. These objectives encompass enhancing air and food quality, fostering environmental awareness, advocating improved health and wellness, and stimulating economic growth through the creation of both full-time and part-time employment opportunities. Furthermore, the enthusiastic response from the local community has acted as a driving force behind CEF Group’s unwavering dedication to this mission.

Considering the pivotal role skilled gardeners play in nurturing the vitality of urban farms, the CEF Group aims to provide a robust platform for local skill development and job creation. The organization’s comprehensive training modules are meticulously designed to empower these gardeners with modern, sustainable farming practices, thereby cultivating a new wave of green entrepreneurs.

The expansion of Urban Farming initiatives also aims at enriching the quality of life for residents. Its key anticipated outcomes and milestones include hosting quarterly community gardening events and workshops and fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration. Furthermore, the Urban Farmer initiative harnesses cutting-edge technology to revolutionize organic and regenerative farming. The amalgamation of technology and contemporary agricultural practices not only amplifies efficiency but also facilitates the seamless adoption of ecologically conscious solutions.

Speaking about this initiative, Maninder Singh, Founder & CEO, CEF Group, said, “CEF group is committed to promoting sustainability practices through environmental conservation. We consistently explore innovative avenues to make a positive impact on the world. With the extension of our Urban Farming Initiative, we aim to minimise carbon emissions, enhance biodiversity, and contribute positively to the ecosystem. Our immediate objective entails engaging 15,000 households during the initial year of this expansion. Additionally, our plan involves training and employing 5000 gardeners, which will help bridge the gap in skilled horticulturists within the Delhi-NCR and other metropolitan regions. These gardeners will also serve as advocates for green practices, fostering community engagement and spreading awareness about the benefits of urban farming. Our ambitious expansion plan promises several advantages – from improved air quality to socio-economic benefits through local employment, skill development, and strengthened community bonds.”

CEF Group aims to engage 1,00,000 households