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Saturday / July 20. 2024
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The result of a strategic partnership with Japan-based agro-chem company, Benzilla’s unique formulation incorporates patented BPX active ingredient for BPH control.

Rallis India Limited, a Tata enterprise and a leading player in the Indian agri inputs industry has launched its differentiated crop protection product, ‘Benzilla’. Backed by extensive research and field trials, Benzilla is a cutting-edge product powered by patented BPX technology from Japan that promises to redefine crop management practices, boost yields and benefit farmers. The result of a strategic partnership between Rallis India Limited and Japan-based agro-chem company, Nihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd (Japan), Benzilla’s unique formulation incorporates IGR technology, ensuring a prolonged and sustained control of Brown Plant Hopper (BPH) infestations in paddy crops.

BPH is regarded as one of the most devastating pests for paddy, which causes serious damage to the crop by sucking the sap from plants, leading to ‘hopper burn’. It also causes indirect damage by transmitting viral diseases such as grassy stunt and ragged stunt viruses.

Speaking about the importance of crop protection solutions in Indian agriculture, Sanjiv Lal, MD & CEO, Rallis India Limited, said, “The agriculture industry is an important contributor to the Indian economy. The role played by the crop protection market is critical in this context, and with the introduction of Benzilla, we aim to strengthen the way BPH is managed in paddy crops in India. We believe this innovation will not only enhance crop protection but also contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of Indian agriculture.”

Adding to this, S Nagarajan, COO, Rallis India Limited, said, “Benzilla is our breakthrough product for paddy farmers. Being a unique mixture of two highly effective technicals, it is designed to target both nymphs and adult BPH, offering a comprehensive approach to control BPH. This multistage action represents its unique differentiation versus the other solutions in the market.  This product is being introduced for the first time in India.”

“While Benzilla is being launched first in Chhattisgarh, it will subsequently be introduced in other major paddy producing states such as– Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal and Odisha in the coming months”, concluded S Nagarajan.

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