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Saturday / July 20. 2024
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IFFCO’s Nano fertilizer expands its reach in Brazilian market

IFFCO has formed partnership with Nanoventions Private Limited (NVPL) and Fausto Caron from Nanofert for introducing Nano fertilizers in Brazil market.

IFFCO, India’s largest cooperative, has signed a partnership to introduce these innovative products to the Brazilian market. Through Nanoventions Private Limited (NVPL), IFFCO will initially license and market its products to Nanofert, a venture by entrepreneurs Fausto Caron and Ritesh Sharma. Eventually, IFFCO plan to produce these nanoinputs locally.  

Dr Arunachalam Lakshmanan from NVPL, Yogendra Kumar Board of Director IFFCO, and Fausto Caron from Nanofert have formed an unprecedented partnership. We recently had the honour of meeting the Governor of Mato Grosso, where fascinating discussions about advancing nanotechnology in Brazil took place.

Nanotechnology in agriculture is gaining traction, and our project marks the first commercial adoption of this cutting-edge technology in Brazil. Since 2017, we have been researching nanotechnology, and by 2019, our first promising results emerged. Despite challenges, including adverse weather conditions in 2020, fields treated with nano fertilizers showed remarkable resilience and productivity.  

The secret lies in the nanometric scale of our inputs, allowing for extensive coverage and efficient nutrient delivery. As Arunachalam Lakshmanan, General Director of NVPL, explains, “It’s like dividing an apple into thin slices to increase its coverage area. This innovation addresses a significant challenge in fertilizer use—high product loss. Currently, plants absorb only 20-30 per cent of chemical fertilizers, with the rest lost as gas or in the soil. Our nano fertilizers aim to change that, reducing environmental impact and enhancing agricultural productivity.”

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