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Saturday / July 20. 2024
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Addressing Wheat industry challenges with innovation: Ajay Goyal

The first day of the Wheat Products Promotion Society (WPPS) Global CEO Conclave 2024 successfully set the stage for addressing the current challenges and future opportunities in the wheat industry.

 Today, amidst the backdrop of global agricultural challenges, the Wheat Products Promotion Society (WPPS) launched the Global CEO Conclave 2024 to confront pressing issues facing the wheat industry. Challenges such as fluctuating crop yields, evolving consumer preferences, and the need for sustainable farming practices have set the stage for collaborative solutions at this landmark event. Pioneering discussions on advancements in milling, baking technology, and food fortification promise to shape a resilient future for wheat products worldwide, fostering innovation that meets both current demands and future needs.

The first major session of the day, focusing on Milling and Baking Technology, was chaired by Dr Sridevi Annapurna Singh, Director of the CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysuru. The session featured the L.R. ‘Pat’ Kandhari Memorial Lecture, delivered by Dr. M.M. Krishna, former CMD of Modern Food Industries Ltd, who emphasized the importance of technological advancements in improving food quality and safety.

The technical session featured a series of insightful presentations from leading experts. Dr Lutz Popper, Scientific Director at Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG, presented on “Innovative Pathways in Milling: Future Trends and Ingredients,” highlighting emerging trends and new ingredients that could revolutionize milling processes.  M.R. Sundar, a Bakery Technician, explored “New Frontiers in Baking Ingredients,” offering insights into innovative baking components that enhance product quality and consumer satisfaction. Mr. Jaiprakash Sharma, General Manager at Buhler (India) Pvt. Ltd., discussed “Advancements in Milling Technology,” showcasing cutting-edge milling machinery and techniques that increase efficiency and productivity.

 Bhavya Gupta, Managing Director of Flour Tech Engineers Pvt. Ltd., spoke on “Revolutionizing Flour Milling Techniques,” focusing on novel approaches to improve milling outcomes and sustainability.  Riz Yusufali, Global Program Director of IGNITE, addressed “Global Initiatives in Food Fortification,” emphasizing the global efforts to enhance nutritional quality through fortified wheat products.

 Nikunj Khandelwal, Chief Strategy Officer at Khandelwal Group, along with Mehmet Karaca, Regional Marketing Director at Selis, Turkey, and Eliseo Sempere, Area Manager at Balaguer Rolls, discussed “Cutting-Edge Flour Milling Strategies,” sharing insights from their respective regions on improving milling strategies.

Vijay Anand D, Technical Director at Naga Limited, presented on “Understanding Wheat Gluten: Myths vs. Facts,” demystifying common misconceptions about wheat gluten. Dr. Sewa Ram, Principal Scientist at ICAR-IIWBR, elaborated on “Optimizing Wheat Flour Varieties for Superior Milling and Baking,” focusing on genetic advancements and breeding techniques that enhance wheat quality.

The inaugural session of the conclave commenced, marking a formal beginning with a series of impactful addresses from esteemed industry leaders and policymakers. Pramod S Jain, President of the Roller Flour Millers’ Federation of India (RFMFI), extended a warm welcome to attendees, emphasizing the pivotal role of the conclave in shaping the future trajectory of the wheat industry.

Following Jain’s welcome, Ajay Goyal, Chairman of WPPS, delivered the theme address. Goyal underscored the conclave’s significance as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration within the wheat industry. He remarked, “This conclave is a unique platform where industry leaders, experts, and policymakers come together to discuss and propel forward the technological and strategic advancements necessary for the growth of the wheat industry. Our collective efforts here will pave the way for a more resilient and sustainable future.”

The keynote addresses further enriched the session with insightful perspectives. Ranveer Chandra, Managing Director of Research for Industry and CTO Agri-Food at Microsoft, delved into “The Role of Technology in Modernizing Wheat Production and Processing,” highlighting the transformative impact of digital technologies and AI on agriculture.  John Southwell, Trade and Investment Commissioner at the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, addressed “Trade and Investment Opportunities in South Asia’s Agrifood Sector,” outlining potential areas for investment and collaboration.

Clay M. Hamilton, Agricultural Minister-Counselor at the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Foreign Agricultural Service, presented on “US-India Agricultural Collaboration for Food Security,” focusing on bilateral efforts to enhance food security through technological and strategic partnerships. Dr. Shankar Goenka, Managing Director of WOW Factors India & WOW, Go Green, explored “Innovations in Agri-Tech and Sustainable Farming Practices,” showcasing the revolutionary impact of modern technologies such as drones on agriculture.

Dr Sridevi Annapurna Singh, Director at CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysuru, discussed “Advancements in Food Technology and Its Impact on Wheat Products,” highlighting recent technological strides that are reshaping the landscape of wheat products.

 Special addresses were also delivered by Preet Pal Singh, IFS, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), Government of India, who outlined government initiatives to bolster the food processing sector, and G. Kamala Vardhana Rao, IAS, Chief Executive Officer of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), who emphasized regulatory frameworks’ role in ensuring food safety and quality.

Following the enlightening sessions of the inaugural day, H. K. Batra, President of the All-India Bread Manufacturers’ Association and Chairman of the Perfect Bread Group of Companies, expressed gratitude with a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of all speakers and participants who enriched the conclave with their insights and expertise.

The first day of the Global CEO Conclave 2024 successfully set the stage for addressing the current challenges and future opportunities in the wheat industry. With a strong emphasis on technological advancements and collaboration, the conclave aims to foster innovation and strategic partnerships that will drive the industry forward. The insights and discussions from today have laid a robust foundation for the remaining days of the conclave.

The Wheat Products Promotion Society (WPPS) is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of the wheat industry in India. Through research, advocacy, and collaboration, WPPS aims to enhance the quality and sustainability of wheat products, support farmers and manufacturers, and contribute to global food security.

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