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Friday / April 19. 2024
HomeCompany unveils Source irrigation control unveils Source irrigation control

Revolutionising irrigation for growers with autonomous execution, the provider of AI solutions for fruit and vegetable growers, launched Source Irrigation Control: an autonomous irrigation solution that intelligently adjusts irrigation strategy execution in response to changing weather conditions and plant data.

The newest addition to’s product suite helps growers scale operations and improve irrigation management while decreasing the need for manual intervention and the time to adapt to new seed varieties or locations. The grower sets the irrigation targets, and Source Irrigation Control does the rest. Using AI models fed with weather forecasts and plant data to predict water and nutrient uptake, this new market innovation saves resources and growers’ time. Growers can set irrigation targets to suit their preferred cultivation strategy, combining their cultivation knowledge with’s data science capabilities. 

Source Irrigation Control’s data-driven irrigation solution offers growers multiple benefits in terms of crop quality, resource management, and business growth opportunities. The system predicts the water and nutrient uptake of plants and then applies its findings to a proactive irrigation plan that promotes root growth and healthy root development. Because AI is used to assess and clean sensor data which then updates growers’ unique irrigation models regularly, growers are free to spend their time on other value-added activities. The reduction in manual intervention means growers can manage many more hectares, allowing them to quickly scale operations. Equally, the system’s adaptability makes coping with new circumstances, climates, or seed varieties easier and more cost-effective.

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