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Wednesday / February 21. 2024
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BioPrime launches King Farmers Cohort Program

Cohort participants will receive business and technical assistance over the entire crop cycle through technical training sessions, mentorships and one-on-one support.

BioPrime AgriSolutions, a leading biotechnology company specialising in developing cutting-edge agri-biologicals, is revolutionising farmer empowerment with the launch of its “King Farmers Cohort” program. This initiative equips farmers with crop-specific, region-specific knowledge and skills, preparing them to thrive in the evolving agricultural landscape. Through a mixture of focused technical training sessions, mentorships, one-on-one support, and group farm visits, Cohort participants will receive business and technical assistance over the entire crop cycle. 

The King Farmers Cohort goes beyond mere yield maximization and fosters a holistic approach to agriculture, with a focus on crucial areas like climate-resilient practices, soil health management, and building profitability. Each cohort will hold four dedicated technical training sessions led by leading researchers, and innovators to provide targeted knowledge focusing on farmers’ crop specific needs and empower them to adapt to the ever-changing climate and nurture healthy soil, which is the foundation for sustainable success.

The learning extends beyond the classroom with designated field days and harvest days in selected farmer fields for practical learning, inspiration, and networking. Thus, creating a forum for peer-to-peer learning, where shared challenges find collaborative solutions and best practices flourish through hands-on experiences. As one farmer who’s participated in an Onion Cohort noted, there’s a great benefit of learning from other farmers with differing amounts of experience and expertise, and the supportive nature of the group created a space to find solutions to problems collaboratively.

To crown it all, BioPrime will organise a valedictory function to commemorate each cohort with rewards for outstanding achievements in yield, profitability, and sustainability through a grand ceremony, adding a layer of motivation that inspires every farmer to reach their highest potential.

 Speaking about the initiative, Dr Renuka Diwan, Co-Founder & CEO, of BioPrime AgriSolutions said, “At BioPrime, we believe empowering farmers isn’t just about higher yields, it’s also about equipping them to be sustainable. The King Farmers Cohort is a catalyst in this changing world where we pool resources and support for farmers towards a future where profitability and sustainability go hand-in-hand.”

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