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Friday / May 26. 2023
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NPC carries out seven field studies for fisheries sector

Projects of value Rs. 14659.12 Crores have been approved by the Government till March

Under the flagship Pradhan Mantri MatsyaSampada Yojana(PMMSY) seven major field studies are being carried out by the autonomous body, National Productivity Council (NPC). While speaking at an occasion held at NPC headquarters in New Delhi, to launch these interventions under PMMSY, ParshottamRupala Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying said, “PMMSY has proved to be transformative in boosting the contribution of the fisheries sector to the country’s GDP. Innovative and proactive measures by the Government of India along with stakeholders are bringing about a new blue revolution. The new field studies by NPC would help the Department further strengthen its mechanisms of delivery.”

Union Minister informed that the major field studies would be undertaken in seven areas such as Best practices in the fish marketing system of Andhra Pradesh and dissemination through workshop; Agro-climatic zone-specific mapping of innovative fishing Practices for enhancing Production and Productivity in the Upper Gangetic Plain Region; Design improvement in storage containers used in the supply chain for inland and marine fishes by vendors; Improvement in fish marketing infrastructure of Ghazipur and Howrah fish markets; Evaluation of RAS and Biofloc technologies and their dissemination through workshop; Strengthen monitoring mechanism of implementation of PMMSY and Assessment of post-harvest losses in inland and marine fisheries and to suggest measures to minimise these losses. NPC would complete the field studies in about nine months.

Rupala further added that “while aiming at enhancing production and productivity, the PMMSY offers a wide range of activities for the benefit of fishers, fish farmers, youth, women, entrepreneurs etc. The Scheme has facilitated cluster development, economies of scale, enhanced competitiveness of the fisheries sector, generation of higher incomes to the stakeholders, etc. While accelerating growth and expansion of the sector in an organised manner, the PMMSY has created a conducive environment for the development of entrepreneurship and encouraged private sector participation”.

Union Minister said that the Govt. has provided financial assistance under PMMSY to individuals and groups engaged in the fishing industry and to build critical infrastructure and supply chains to support the industry and PMMSY has received overwhelming responses from states/UTs and projects of value Rs. 14659.12 Crores have been approved by the Govt till March.

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