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Tuesday / November 29. 2022

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Can the Agritech sector benefit from the contemporary B2B model?

By Tarun Arora, Director, Single Family Office, IG International

Business-to-Business (B2B) is a business model in which the agritech sector obtains goods and/or services from another company. More than any other sector, agribusiness has the most to gain from a B2B business strategy. From the production of agricultural products to their marketing, B2B has revolutionised the industry’s customary internal processes. It has brought technology to the farm, thereby increasing output; it has opened up new markets by going directly to consumers; it has eliminated middlemen, thereby increasing the growers’ profit margin; and it has vastly improved logistics, which was a major concern and a source of loss for the producer.

The B2B model has fit in like a glove, ushering in many advantages into the inner workings of the agritech sector. Using technology, agritech businesses are establishing market connections, including B2B markets and digital agricultural platforms. In recent decades, a substantial portion of the conventional supply chain across several industries has experienced a major setback.

B2B marketplaces have emerged as a solution to this problem  by providing excellent items at affordable pricing and dependable delivery schedules, along with regular credit terms. They are immediately capable of addressing India’s agricultural input concerns.

Due to the multitude of connections on these digital platforms, agricultural enterprises are able to locate new prospects, clients, and suppliers, as well as manage the daily challenges encountered by farmers. Farmers may get the necessary data, procedures, and efficiencies from them for both pre-harvest and post-harvest applications. In addition, B2B marketplaces provide a variety of buying and selling channels.

Precision is power

Precision agriculture is one of the most often used B2B services in the agricultural business. It enables you to maximise the productivity of each work shift by maximising your workforce. The data you get is current, making it more actionable and less static. Additionally, superior GPS technology enables your employees to operate in low-visibility conditions. You need not worry about blind areas since you can follow your agricultural equipment in real time using GPS data.

In addition, it lets the producer enhance and improve the soil, reduce the use of natural resources such as land, and water, and improve productivity by implementing a series of focused key interventions, a feat that may be accomplished with the application of sophisticated technology. In fact, it makes agribusiness a profitable and prosperous profession irrespective of climate change and other catastrophic occurrences.

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