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Wednesday / March 29. 2023
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ADAMA , Groundwork BioAg jointly offers Mycorrhizal products for Indian farmers

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It will help increase crop yields and provide an alternative to synthetic fertilizers to Indian farmers.

 ADAMA, a leading global crop protection company, and Hyderabad based Groundwork BioAg, a global Bio-agriculture company, announced a new commercial agreement offering sustainable cost-effective mycorrhizal products to help increase crop yields and provide an alternative to synthetic fertilizers (especially phosphorus) to Indian farmers. The collaboration leverages ADAMA India’s vast reach and close relationships with Indian farmers and Groundwork BioAg’s Mycorrhizal BioPlatform.

The first innovation to emerge from this collaboration is Tormos™, a granular mycorrhizal inoculant tailor made for India, catering to its unique growing practices and widespread agricultural diversity. Tormos offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for local farmers growing vegetables, sugarcane, potato, and row crops, including corn and soybeans.

With the rising price of phosphate fertilizers, mycorrhizae can play a major role in farm fertilization programs, which is in alignment with the efforts of the Indian government to improve on-farm sustainability across its 160 million hectares.

“As Indian farmers seek new tools to improve productivity amid extreme weather and soil degradation, we understand that the seasonal pressures they face are compounded by global issues like climate change and global market fluctuations. By delivering targeted cost-effective solutions like Tormos, we continue our pursuit to help our Indian customers grow more sustainable crops. Tormos will help Indian farmers enhance their soil health and provide opportunities to achieve better crop health and yield,” said Sahin Ozkan, ADAMA India CEO. “As the leading mycorrhizal inoculant supplier globally, Groundwork BioAg is the ideal partner to help develop and commercialize new and natural options for our customers, while helping India regenerate its soils.”

 “Regardless of where you farm, growers face mounting environmental and financial pressures, especially this season. While many biologicals may provide a substitute to chemical fertilizers, mycorrhizal inoculants offer farmers an additional opportunity to increase the plant’s resilience to climate challenges and improve soil health in the long term,” said Kanwal Bhat, India Country Manager at Groundwork BioAg. “We are pleased to partner with ADAMA, a global leader in agricultural inputs, to help meet the needs of Indian farmers by providing access to cost-effective, high quality mycorrhizal products.”

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