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Saturday / May 25. 2024
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Spread develops long-life cut lettuce through techno fresh method

A unique combination of vertically farmed lettuce and dedicated processing design will allow for the longest shelf-life of a cut lettuce product in Japan

Japan-based company Spread has developed the Techno Fresh processing method which allows for an increase in the shelf life of cut lettuce up to 2 times while preserving freshness, taste, and quality. Spread has also started construction on the first large-scale salad processing plant to utilise the method – Techno Fresh Hadano near Tokyo.

The Techno Fresh processing method uses pesticide-free, pristine lettuce grown in a highly hygienic environment within Techno Farm and combines it with the in-house developed processing technologies that prevent bacteria from increasing. Through this method, Spread was able to enhance the shelf life of the cut lettuce by up to 2 times and has become the first company to achieve a record-breaking 6-day shelf life for a fresh-cut lettuce product in Japan. Additionally, the Techno Fresh method prevents lettuce from browning/discolouration and doesn’t have the unpleasant smell associated with certain washing agents.

Techno Fresh Hadano is the first processing facility by Spread and is the first facility to implement the Techno Fresh system. This next-generation processing factory will process 8 tonnes of lettuce per day while automating 85 per cent of the processes, including the implementation of the world’s first AI-based lettuce core remover. Automation will allow for a drastic productivity improvement, while the dedicated processing design developed in-house makes it extremely resource-efficient, lowering water usage by 55 per cent.

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