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Saturday / June 22. 2024
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Instacart serves up more fresh produce with innovative advertising

By elevating produce with Instacart Ads, consumers can discover nutritious food as they build their daily and weekly grocery baskets

Instacart, the leading grocery technology company in North America, announced an industry-first online advertising capability, enabling produce brands to advertise fresh, weighted items – such as carrots, grapes, onions, oranges, sweet potatoes, and watermelons – from the produce department across the Instacart Marketplace.

During National Nutrition Month, Instacart is levelling the advertising playing field, making it possible for more product brands, farms, and agriculture boards to advertise on Instacart and reach more consumers. By elevating produce with Instacart Ads, consumers can discover nutritious food as they build their daily and weekly grocery baskets, search for a specific ingredient, and browse the digital aisles for inspiration.

“It’s essential that consumers have access to fresh, nutritious produce – whether they shop online or in-store,” said Ali Miller, Vice President of Ads Products at Instacart. “Online grocery offers a unique experience, helping brands deeply connect with and engage consumers as they explore new products or their usual staples across the digital aisles. With today’s launch, millions of consumers will discover more fresh and nutritious options as they shop on Instacart, levelling the playing field for producers and ensuring everything from fresh citrus to sweet potatoes are just as discoverable as packaged goods. I’m especially proud to celebrate these new capabilities during National Nutrition Month, as we do our part to help influence healthier eating habits.”

Instacart is the first company to enable this ad innovation for weighted items across grocery partners. Instacart developed algorithms to map these items back to brands and partners – addressing challenges like limited information from third-party sources and different coding systems across grocers. Instacart is addressing this complex industry challenge so more product brands can take advantage of advertising solutions and help consumers discover more nutritious foods.

“For 130 years, Sunkist Growers has been focused on delivering quality, fresh citrus to consumers. In fact, Sunkist’s first advertisement celebrated California’s ‘Orange Day’ back in 1908,” said Christina Ward, Senior Director at Sunkist Growers. “In recent years, shopper behaviours have dramatically changed—at Sunkist, we are all about meeting shoppers where they want to buy. On Instacart, we have a seamless ‘add-to-cart’ button to guide millions of people across the country towards our fresh Sunkist fruits, which are then delivered to their homes in as fast as an hour.”

Since 2020, Instacart has partnered with nearly 60 packaged produce advertisers to amplify their products and elevate the category. On average, Instacart’s packaged produce advertisers see a 30 per cent increase in sales1, meaning their ads influence more product purchases. Packaged produce advertisers can leverage the full Instacart advertising toolkit, including sponsored products, displays, shoppable videos, promotions, and impulse ads. With this latest enhancement to Instacart advertising and catalogue capabilities, produce brands can now amplify their full product set, including packaged and random-weight produce.

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