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Saturday / July 20. 2024
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Nutrien Ag Solutions completes acquisition of new Biocontrol Technology

This new biocontrol technology is expected to introduce chlorin-based photosensitiser to the global market as a biocontrol solution for integrated pest management.

Nutrien Ag Solutions has announced the acquisition of Suncor Energy’s AgroScience assets, which consists of several patented and patent pending technologies in the area of biocontrol. The acquisition is aligned with Nutrien Ag Solutions’ strategy to invest in novel, patented, and effective biocontrol technologies through its Loveland Products business. The proprietary technology for use in the global agriculture industry aims to offer a new mode of action, plus advantages in resistance management. Categorised as a biocontrol tool, research and field-trial data show the technology as having market-competing potential in delivering efficacy, stability, and economic value comparable to traditional synthetic crop protection inputs.

“We’re excited to further develop this new technology which is expected to help accelerate Loveland Product’s efforts in delivering a broader range of solutions that aim to help maximize yields,” says Casey McDaniel, Vice President of Loveland Products. “As the biocontrol market grows, we believe farmers will increasingly demand bio-based solutions that work within existing management practices to achieve bottom-line benefits in yield and efficiency and support efforts to improve sustainability.”

“We believe that biologicals are important next-step tools for elevating the potential in every field. In the coming months and years, we aim to bring more of these types of offerings to market under the Loveland brand or partner brands for farmers of all scales and in all geographies.”

The new chlorin-based photosensitizer formulations are expected to launch in certain global markets by 2025. Product submissions to the EPA in the U.S. are anticipated by 2026. Nutrien Ag Solutions plans to market these products as part of the Loveland Products portfolio.

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