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Friday / April 19. 2024
HomeAgroPolicyPM inaugurates pilot project of ‘World’s Largest Grain Storage Scheme in Cooperative Sector

PM inaugurates pilot project of ‘World’s Largest Grain Storage Scheme in Cooperative Sector

PM Modi also laid foundation stone of additional 500 PACSs across the country for creation of godowns and project for computerization of 18,000 PACSs.

In a major step towards strengthening the cooperative sector of the country, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of several major initiatives for the cooperative sector at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the pilot project of ‘World’s Largest Grain Storage Scheme in Cooperative Sector’ in 11 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACSs) in 11 states. Along with this, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for an additional 500 PACSs across the country for the creation of godowns and other agriculture-related infrastructure and also inaugurated the project for computerisation of 18,000 PACSs.

 In India storage capacity with regards to food grain production is only 47 per cent, whereas in USA it is 161 per cent, Brazil 149 per cent, Canada 130 per cent and China 107 per cent. He said that all over the world, the storage capacity is more than the production, and due to this, when the prices go down, the farmer can use the storage capacity to store his produce and easily get good price for the same. He said that earlier this facility was not available in India and Food Corporation of India had to shoulder this whole burden. Shah said now thousands of PACSs will increase storage capacity through which we will achieve 100 per cent storage capacity before 2027 and this will be done through cooperative sector.

Shah also added that the godowns built under this scheme will be small, but will have racks, computerized system and all the means required for modern farming. These PACSs-linked godowns will also have drones, tractors, harvesting machines and fertilizer spraying machines. He said that all these facilities will be available to farmers on rental basis and it will strengthen the bond between PACSs and farmers, make PACSs more viable and our farming modern in the coming days.

Amit Shah said that the Ministry of Cooperation has prepared new bye-laws for PACSs and state governments, rising above party lines, have accepted and implemented them. He said that once the bye-laws are implemented, a PACS will be able to do 20 different activities. Now PACSs will be able to do the work of dairy, water management under Jal Jeevan Mission, join the blue revolution and will also be able to contribute in increasing the storage capacity. They will also be able to work as Common Service Centre (CSC), will be able to open cheap medicine and grain shops and will also be able to open and operate petrol pumps.

Through the new bye-laws, the process of linking PACSs with many other activities started and now with their computerization, the accounts of all activities will be integrated into single software. He said that this software is available in every language of the country and farmers can interact with it in their own language. Shah said that PM Modi has approved an expenditure of Rs.2500 crores on computerization of PACSs to strengthen them. Shri Shah exuded confidence that by August, 2024, all PACSs of the country will be computerised and connected with the software.

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