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Saturday / May 25. 2024
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Sakata unveils new variety of red bell pepper

A new variety of red California pepper called Matga is suitable for the medium-late cycle

Spanish company Sakata has introduced a new variety of red California pepper called Matga, which is suitable for the medium-late cycle. Matga has uniformity throughout the cycle which is remarkable, and its fruits are described as if they were made with a mould. The variety covers transplants from July 20 to 30. Matga also boasts an ideal and uniform calibre even at the end of cultivation, which is spectacular in terms of size and quality of fruits.

Matga fruits have the Sakata quality seal: four hulls, excellent colour in green and red, no silver, and excellent firmness and weight thanks to their thick walls. Matga fruits have good plant resistance, giving the farmer the flexibility to harvest at their convenience and plan the export of goods when it best suits them. Post-harvest is added to the plant’s endurance, and thanks to the firmness of the fruits, the post-harvest is good and prolonged, ideal for export.

Matga shows an open, clear plant structure ideal for preventing thrips parvispinus, a current pest that worries farmers. The structure of the plant makes it difficult for thrips parvispinus to establish. Matga also has hairy leaf characteristics, which favours the establishment of auxiliary fauna, and together with the early flowering, makes it the perfect variety for farmers who opt for integrated control within their greenhouse. The variety also has a complete pack of resistances, including powdery mildew.

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