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Saturday / June 22. 2024
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Experts discuss opportunities in bioenergy sector at panel discussion “Shaping the Future Bio economy Way”

Curtain Raiser of India Bio Energy & Tech Expo, 2024 was held during the event in presence of IFGE members and industry leaders.

Experts and industry leaders from the bioenergy sector witnessed a fruitful panel discussion on bioeconomy and curtain raising of Bio Energy & Tech Expo, 24 at MCCIA in Pune on June 3, 2024. Indian Federation of Green Energy (IFGE) and MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications jointly organised a Panel Discussion: “Shaping the Future Bio economy Way” and Curtain Raiser of India Bio Energy & Tech Expo, 2024.  The event was formally launched by Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, Road Transport and Highways and Dr Pramod Chaudhari, President, IFGE & Executive Chairman, Praj Industries at a glittering function in New Delhi on February 21, 2024, in the presence of more than 250 industry representatives.

The panel discussion highlighted some of the major initiatives that the Government is taking in the bioenergy sector and also provided a platform to understand the challenges and opportunities therein. The panel discussion is a precursor to a much larger event India Bio Energy & Tech Expo, 2024: An International Conference & Exhibition on Bioenergy and Technologies at India International Convention and Expo Center, Dwarka, New Delhi from September 2-4, 2024.

Sanjay Ganjoo, Director General, IFGE in his introduction speech informed the audience about the government initiatives taken for the growth of the bioenergy sector. The panel discussion was moderated by Atul Mulay, Chairman, Bioenergy Committee of IFGE and President, Bioenergy, Praj Industries Ltd. In his speech, Mulay informed the audience about the background of bioeconomy and explained its different aspects.

Mulay said, “India has saved Rs 80000 crore through EBP20 programme out of which Rs 75000 crore are gone back to farmers, rural economy, and employment creation. In addition to this, EBP20 programme has reduced 150 lakh metric tonnes of carbon emission. Government declared investment plan of Rs 2 Lakh crore in the CBG programme for the development of CBG plants across the country. Government is aiming to increase sustainable Aviation fuel and green hydrogen by 2030 which creates new opportunities for the bioenergy industry.”

While emphasising on the increasing requirement of green fuel, Atul Kharate, COO, Indian Oil Adani Ventures Limited – IAV Biogas said, “The demand of green fuel such as biodiesel, CBG, ethanol is increasing across the country.  Considering this scenario, we need to triple our efforts for the development of the bioenergy sector.”

Experts also discussed the current status of the sugar industry in India and role of circular bioeconomy to the growth of the sugar industry.

While speaking about the growth opportunities for the sugar industry Dr Kakasaheb Konde from Vasantdada Sugar Institute said, “A lot of resources are available in the sugar industry for developing new value-added products from molasses and bagasse. Sugar industry needs to diversify its product portfolio into different value-added products. Bioeconomy will help to serve in this aspect.”

 The panel discussion also highlighted the challenges and opportunities in the biomass supply chain. Experts discussed the need of developing infrastructure for biomass procurement and transportation in rural areas.

Tushar Lowalekar, Founding Member and Chief Business Officer, Biofuel Circle informed about the challenges in the biomass supply chain in the country. “In India the supply chain of biomass is unorganised. Farmers need support in equipment, procurement and transport. There is a huge need to develop an infrastructure for the biomass supply chain. Financial support from government and private firms will play a vital role in the development of the biomass supply chain”, he said.

Lowalekar also added that use of technology will surely help in making the biomass supply chain stronger.

In the second part of the event, the curtain raiser video of India Bio Energy & Tech Expo, 2024 was screened for the information of the audience.

Dr Pramod Chaudhari, President, IFGE & Executive Chairman, Praj Industries informed about the latest trends in the bioenergy sector. Chaudhari said, “India Bio Energy & Tech Expo, 2024 will be focused on Bio-Energy and technologies involved in the sector are picking pace in terms of combating environmental externalities. This expo is a timely initiative of IFGE for shaping the bioenergy sector of India”.

Y.B Ramakrishna, Chairperson, IFGE CBG Producer Forum, Former Chairman- Working Group on Biofuel, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas in his speech emphasised the need of in-situ management of agriculture- residue in order to mitigate the challenges in the supply chain.

“Private industry should develop sustainable models for the management of crop residue in rural areas. There is a need of scaling up new technologies for conversion of feedstock into value added products. Also, the validation of by-products from agri-waste is also important for the growth of the sector”, said Ramakrishna.

 Dr Reji Mathai, Director, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) mentioned about opportunities for the bioenergy sector in his address. He said that the Automotive industry and players in the bioenergy sector should come together to bring out new solutions in the sector.

Ravindra Boratkar, Founder Member, IFGE & Managing Director, MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications, proposed vote of thanks. He also proposed a vote of thanks to all those who are supporting the event and those who supported to organise the curtain raiser function. Boratkar informed about the highlights of India Bio Energy & Tech Expo, 2024 in his concluding remarks. He said that the Expo & Conference highlights include concurrent shows such as India CBG & Tech Expo, India Biomass and Tech Expo, India Ethanol & Tech Expo, India Biodiesel & Tech Expo, India Waste to Energy & Tech Expo, and India Bio-Mobility & Tech Expo.

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