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Saturday / April 20. 2024
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PM e-inaugurates CEF Group’s Dal Lake waste processing plant at Srinagar

In a year, the plant will generate 24,000 tonnes of organic manure and allied products out of 70,000 tonnes of lake waste.

Leading clean energy provider CEF Group unveiled a first-of-its-kind waste processing plant in Srinagar that will remove waste from Dal Lake. This project is part of a collaboration between the JK Lake & Waterways Authority and NAFED, with CEF Group as the technical and financial partner of the latter. PM Modi e-inaugurated this project along with others, collectively worth 30,500 crore for the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The newly inaugurated plant will be converting 70,000 tonnes of lake waste, particularly weeds and lilies into 24,000 tonnes of organic manure and allied products annually. Recognizing the issue of water lilies and weeds overgrowth in Dal Lake, which obstructs boat paths and consequently impacts tourism and local livelihoods, the partners devised this solution. Besides, this waste accumulation leads to various forms of pollution, including overgrowth and blockage, habitat disruption, and water quality deterioration.

This solution entails scientifically processing weeds and lilies into organic manure over one year, to explore its viability for full-time implementation of converting it into Bio-CNG thereafter for 25 years. CEF Group conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study and secured the necessary pollution clearance from the Pollution Control Board.

The organic manure produced through this plant will be compliant with FCO norms, ensuring its quality and safety. The manure will be offered at competitive prices, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. In addition, the high-quality organic fertilizer will enhance soil health and promote healthy plant growth. Besides, local sourcing and production will generate employment opportunities within the community.

The use of advanced technologies in the waste processing plant ensures efficient waste processing and nutrient retention in the final product. As the plant uses renewable resources and eco-friendly methods, it supports sustainable agriculture practices, minimizes environmental impact, and promotes biodiversity. Moreover, the organic manure is suitable for a wide range of plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, and various horticulture varieties.

Bashir Bhatt (IRS), Vice Chairman of J&K Lake Conservation and Management Authority (LCMA), said, “Today is a monumental day for Jammu and Kashmir. We’re turning local waste into high-quality organic fertilizer, promoting sustainability, creating jobs, and enhancing the beauty of Dal Lake. It’s a significant step toward a greener and more prosperous J&K.”

Maninder Singh, Founder & CEO of CEF Group, said, “Today marks a significant milestone as we inaugurate Dal Lake Waste Processing Plant, a step towards a more sustainable Jammu and Kashmir. This project is not just about waste-to-energy/manure; it’s about transforming landscapes, promoting biodiversity, and contributing to the beauty of our cherished lakes.”

Organic manure, derived from local waste, will be readily accessible to farmers in Kashmir, enhancing their yield and fostering organic farming practices. Currently, farmers in the region incur high costs for organic manure, which is sourced from states like UP and Haryana, resulting in substantial transportation expenses. This project aims to provide organic manure to farmers at affordable rates, reducing their financial burden.

 Ritesh Chauhan (IAS), MD NAFED, said, “We’re proud to be part of Dal Lake Waste Processing Plant, an initiative that aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices. NAFED is dedicated to setting up more such impactful projects in the future. From biofuels to organic manure, our focus is on creating a greener, healthier tomorrow for all.”

Sajid Ghulam, representing CEF, said, “Being part of CEF Srinagar and a local, contributing to this project has been a heartfelt journey for me. I’ve always wanted to serve my community, and this project provided the perfect opportunity. Seeing the positive impact, it has on our environment and community is truly fulfilling.”

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