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Sunday / May 26. 2024 and Bioseed collaborates to cultivate ‘efficiencies of business’ in agriculture and Bioseed collaborates to cultivate ‘efficiencies of business’ in agriculture

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 This partnership aims to revolutionise seed research through advanced satellite surveillance and AI-powered technology., India’s largest and only profitable grain commerce platform, announced its collaboration with Bioseed, a visionary player in the agriculture sector. This partnership ushers a new era in farm surveillance and data-driven decision-making with’s satellite surveillance product, Prakshep, combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence ‘VaMa’.

Bioseed’s subscribed farms are poised to benefit from’s state-of-the-art data-rich datasets, enriched APIs, and dynamic maps. This collaboration carefully informs how seeds perform in various agroclimatic zones and prepares a suitable package of practice, assuring the utmost quality and dependability of data outputs.

“This partnership underscores our steadfast commitment to harnessing satellite technology for climate resilience. Bioseed stands out in biotechnology, and we are happy to partner with them to offer data-driven insights through farm monitoring. Our unified vision is to empower farmers to make informed decisions and fortify them against climate uncertainties,” remarked Anand Chandra, Executive Director and co-founder at uses various data sources, including satellite imagery, weather data, market trends, and ground images, to monitor thousands of demo plots and observe crop growth and biotic and abiotic stress. As part of the partnership, will link farm and village analytics to provide users with in-depth insights into farm performance including, Vegetation Maps, Moisture Maps, Biotic Stress Maps, Abiotic Stress Maps, Nutrient Stress Maps, and targeted surveys for early control, irrigation management, and soil sampling locations.

“’s AI-driven platform, paired with our deep-rooted expertise in the agricultural field, promises a more informed future for Indian farmers. Physical Monitoring is often time-consuming and expensive, and there also exists a challenge of human bias. We are impressed with how has aligned their technology to integrate our strengths,” said Sreekanth Chundi, Executive Director & Business Head, Shriram Bioseed Genetics.

This collaboration aims to stir up the agri ecosystem through remote farm scouting, anomaly detection, and robust growth tracking using Arya’s web and mobile application.’s adherence to data privacy ensures that Bioseed’s sensitive farm data remains secure and private. A unified goal of technological development and sustainability in the agricultural industry results from the collaboration.

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