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Wednesday / February 8. 2023

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HomeAgroPolicyHimalayan yak becomes ‘Food Animal’ with FSSAI nod

Himalayan yak becomes ‘Food Animal’ with FSSAI nod

A major move to encourage commercial yak farming in the northeast of India  

The Himalayan Yak has received approval as a food animal from the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). Yak farming has not been accepted as profitable farming in India. Now yak milk and meat will be included in the traditional dairy and meat sectors. The approval will help to encourage commercial yak farming in the northeast of India.  

National Research Centre (NRC) on Yak in Arunachal Pradesh had submitted a proposal to FSSAI, to consider Yak as a food animal in 2021. Food Animals are those that are raised and used for food production. Himalayan Yak plays a multi-dimensional and socio-economic role in the northeastern region of India. In Arunachal Pradesh, more than 10,000 farmers are into commercial yak farming, and these farmers sell yak milk products, woollen clothing and meat, it is also used for transportation in remote locations. Churpi, ghee, paneer and churkum are traditional yak milk products that are an essential part of the cuisine in the districts of Arunachal Pradesh    

Yak milk is having nourishing values, it includes, 80 per cent of water, 8 per cent of fat, 5 per cent protein, 5 per cent lactose, and 12 per cent SNF.

The census conducted in 2019, according to it, India has around 58,000 yaks, compared to the data from 2012 declined by 25 per cent.

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