Dhanuka Agritech launches ONEKIL for onion growers

Dhanuka Agritech has launched ONEKIL for Indian onion growers. ONEKIL is a 9(3) molecule and is a complete solution for weed-free onion crops. ONEKIL is a postemergence, systemic herbicide that controls narrow leaf weeds as well as broadleaf weeds. Once ONEKIL is absorbed by the onion crop’s foliage and root...Read more

Enko, Bayer collaborate for safe pesticides

Crop health company Enko has partnered with Bayer to develop diverse chemistries for crop protection. Applying drug discovery approaches from pharma to crop protection will allow the companies to identify unexpected product candidates that safely target pests in new ways.The partnership uses Enko's toolkit of prov...Read more

BCS receives grant to manufacture Trifloxystrobin in India

Best Crop Science (BCS), a manufacturer of agro-inputs, has announced that Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee has granted registration for indigenous manufacturing of Trifloxystrobin Technical u/s 9(3). With this new addition, BCS shall become the first agrochemical industry to manufacture and...Read more

Insecticides (India) launches herbicide Hachiman

Agrochemical company Insecticides (India) has launch Hachiman, a post-emergence herbicide that will stamp out both broad-leaf as well as narrow-leaf weeds. Hachiman is a product by Nissan Chemical, Japan, and marketed in India by Insecticides (India) as a product under its popular ‘Tractor Brand’. &nb...Read more

WBF summit discusses ways to prevent leatherjacket infestations

The World Bioprotection Forum (WBF) recently organised a summit to focus on the use of cultural, physical and mechanical techniques, bioprotectants (formerly known as biopesticides), and chemicals, to manage leatherjacket infestations in the golf/sports turf and amenity sector.   Leatherjacket larvae are ca...Read more

AgPlenus achieves positive results in herbicide product candidate, APH1

AgPlenus, a company designing effective, sustainable crop protection products by leveraging computational biology and chemistry, and a subsidiary of Evogene, has achieved positive results in a Proof of Concept (POC) testing of a resistance trait for its leading novel Mode-of-Action (MoA) herbicide product candidat...Read more

Nufarm launches Longbow™ EC herbicide and harvest aid

Nufarm Americas Inc. has announced the launch of Longbow™ EC. Longbow EC is the latest in Nufarm’s versatile portfolio of herbicides and harvest aids, helping growers achieve with cleaner crops at harvest time and providing weed management by controlling more than 60 broadleaf weed species, such as var...Read more

PAU experts urge maize farmers to remain vigil against FAW pests

Maize experts of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have cautioned farmers against the attack of fall armyworm (FAW) pests on maize. Dr Surinder Sandhu, in Incharge, Maize Section, has advised the farmers to remain vigilant and survey their fields thoroughly. She said, “In Punjab, the sowing of Kharif maiz...Read more

Koppert develops biological solution against green shield bug  

    Koppert Biological Systems is developing a biological method to combat the southern green shield bug (Nezara viridula). Koppert is working hard to make this product commercially available in 2022. Over the course of the previous decade, the southern green shield bug has ravaged unheated pepper, au...Read more

Pesticides pollution in agri sector needs to re-looked at: UFZ

In a nationwide monitoring programme, a consortium of scientists led by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) has shown that the governmental thresholds for pesticides are generally too high and that even these excessively high levels are still exceeded in over 80 per cent of water bodies. As they ...Read more

Marrone Bio, ATP Nutrition partners to distribute Stargus® Biofungicide in Canada  

   Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc., an international leader in sustainable BioProtection and plant health solutions to support global agricultural needs, has entered into a partnership with ATP Nutrition of Manitoba, Canada to distribute Stargus Biofungicide on Canadian broad acre crops; primarily canola,...Read more

BASF launches broad-spectrum fungicide for the greenhouse and nursery

  BASF has introduced Avelyo™ fungicide for the greenhouse and nursery market. Avelyo fungicide is powered by the active ingredient mefentrifluconazole, providing commercial growers with broad-spectrum protection from difficult diseases with exceptional plant safety.  Avelyo fungicide provides co...Read more