Envirocare Green Awards 2021 recognises individuals creating impact on environmental front

Envirocare Green Awards received 250 + registrations from 10 countries

Image credit: AgroSpectrum

Image credit: AgroSpectrum

Envirocare Green Awards (EGA), an initiative started by Envirocare Labs, was hosted online on July 16, 2021. The objective was to inspire stakeholders to think green and contribute towards a world that is not only progressive but also responsible towards its provider.

This year, Envirocare Labs received 60+ applications from six countries including India, Nepal, Nigeria, Singapore, the UK and Egypt. The applications underwent a rigorous three-level screening, a preliminary screening conducted by the EGA secretariat team.

The jury members consisted of an esteemed panel from six countries including India, the US, Germany, the Netherlands, the Middle East and Nigeria and had Dr Amar Supate, Dr Rashneh Pardiwala, Dr Avin Ramaya, Benedict Odjobo, Dr Sarit Kumar Das, Karin Heinze, Dr Vaibhav Tidke, Imran Ustad, Dr SK Tyagi, Nilesh Korgaonkar and Dr Dyanesh Darshane.

21 applicants were shortlisted and further evaluated by a team of esteemed jury members and patrons. The applicants presented their work and talked about their concept in terms of creativity and innovation, impact, sustainability and scalability of their initiatives. Five winners and four special citations were selected owing to the exemplary work.

The five award winners were Centre for Environmental Research & Education (CERE – India) - Mumbai, Proplant Foods - Ahmedabad, Jalaposhan – Bengaluru, Kaybee exports – Thane and Mondelez – Thane.

Special citation awards were conferred to Mission Green - Mumbai, Green Rangers – Nepal, Battery Life 2 – Mumbai and a creative teacher Richard Wan from VVM Enterprises who composed environmental awareness videos for young children.  Agrospectrum was one of the media partners for the event.

The session began with Rahul Deshpande, CEO, Envirocare Labs addressing the gathering. He was proud of the work undertaken by the EGA secretariat and extended full support for this global event over the coming years.

This was followed by Dr Nilesh Amritkar, Founder Chairman, EGA who spoke about his vision, the concept of Envirocare Green Awards, the journey and how the objectives to encourage, empower and enlighten the minds towards sustainability are being met. He mentioned, "The nature has been calling out to us for help and the solution lies in three concepts – CSR, PSR and Green Balance Sheets." Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something that has been implemented for years and is a familiar concept.

Dr Amritkar also emphasised that just as we give significance to the accounts balance sheet, organisations and individuals should adopt a new concept ‘green balance sheet’ which can be achieved and maintained by sustainable steps thereby creating a robust system for all.

The journey towards sustainability started with planting 100 saplings every year at the customer’s premises, the concept of EGA materialized in 2018, and each year the programme is gaining more and more significance. He said, "This year, we thought of making the event unique, by designing sustainable trophies that have been created using the waste wood material. Envirocare has always believed in the motto Encourage | Empower | Enlighten and with this, in mind, we have planted 121 trees through a foundation in a tribal area in Viluppuram, Tamil Nadu honouring the jury, patrons, applicants, sponsors and EGA secretariat members.

Karin Heinze’s talked about how the organic world plays a pivotal role towards a sustainable future. Sarit Das shared his journey into the world of science and innovations to combat the environmental issues faced by our world. Arnab Deb elaborated on plastic waste and how we can move towards sustainability and overcome the bioaccumulation of plastic.


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