GROPRO launches bio insecticide to control white-flies in greenhouses

Wrath  works effectively against many insects such as worms, thrips, aphids, scale, whiteflies

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Whiteflies are one of the world's most widespread field, garden, and greenhouse insects. These pale, tiny pests are very dangerous and are known for their devastating effects on most agricultural crops. Worldwide there are over 1500 species of whiteflies, with dozens of those species causing the most trouble for agriculture. Whiteflies bring harm not only by their feeding habits but also by transmitting almost 60 viral plant diseases. The harm that these tiny creatures bring to farmers is huge – from reduced yields to the death of plants. For greenhouses whiteflies can be even more devastating, once inside they are protected from weather and natural enemies. Worldwide economic losses from whiteflies are estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. 


GROPRO's portfolio includes highly effective biopesticides – Wrath, one of them, works effectively against many insects - worms, thrips, aphids, scale, whiteflies and many others. The product can be widely used on open fields and greenhouses with multiple crops such as coles, cucurbits, vines, fruit trees etc. Wrath proves that biological insecticides can be very effective – giving results with 92-98% control of insects, including whiteflies.  

Wrath is a broad-spectrum soft body insecticide; the overwhelming benefit is that it has a 0 PHI (pre harvest interval), so growers today do not need to pre-spray prior to harvest and apply only where and when needed. When used properly, it will provide both contact and residual activity lasting 17-14 days. Wrath is formulated with a highly pure and effective essential oils; it is accepted as a highly refined and environmentally safe, when used as directed, as well as worker safe material. 

GROPRO, Corp. a USA based producer and supplier of bio crop protection products has recently launched into the agricultural market with a quick and steady stream of products. GROPRO combines enthusiasm and knowledge with a deep comprehension of the real-world hurdles that growers and the agricultural industry are facing today. With multiple field trials accomplished in the U.S. and internationally GROPRO has a proven track record of delivering natural and organic materials while allowing growers to augment the conventional agrochemical products used in an integrated pest management (IPM) approach.  







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