Dutch Passion launches THCV-rich cannabis seed variety

It is the world’s first stabilised THCV-rich cannabis seed variety that will generate harvests with 6-8 per cent of THCV and a similar level of THC.

source- public domain(seedmasters.com)

source- public domain(seedmasters.com)

 Dutch Passion, the pioneering seed company from the Netherlands, has introduced yet another innovation - a THCV feminised seed strain. This week, a few thousand seeds were delivered to a limited number of licenced producers worldwide. 

As the name suggests THCV, or Tetrahydrocannabivarin, is very closely related to THC. In high amounts, THCV has a euphoric mood lift like THC but is also thought to dampen some of its effects. 

More seeds will soon be available, enabling further research of its medicinal purposes. At this stage, THCV is believed to be appetite-suppressing and a possible treatment for diabetes. 

Very useful bio-potential

THCV is usually only a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis, which is known for its elevated quantities of THC and CBD.

Dutch Passion’s THCV seed variety is the result of many years of breeding and selection through numerous generations of plants. Year after year, the dried buds became gradually richer in THCV. 

Expectations for the medical uses of cannabis remain very high and are still growing fast. Research on the effects of THCV are already underway, and the cannabinoid is thought to be appetite suppressing, with roles in the metabolic process. 

Magical plant

Eric Siereveld, chief executive officer, Dutch Passion, said, “There are over a hundred cannabinoids, and it is quite remarkable that so far only THC and CBD have had any significant scientific research.”

“With our new introduction, there is a welcome new member to the select club. Typical varieties of cannabis commonly available have some THCV in them, but usually only at trace levels,” he added.

“Not anymore. We have just distributed the first few thousand seeds to worldwide licenced producers and more will follow,” Siereveld said. 

“This cannabinoid can be used like any other - one can smoke it, make tea, oil, pills or candy out of it – anything he/she wants really,” he added.

“At Dutch Passion, we are very proud of our new product but at the same time, we keep looking at ways to develop seeds rich in other cannabinoids. This magical plant has got much more to offer,” Siereveld said.










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