Agri Innovation - Empowerment Through Knowledge

Strengthening Programs with Data. Good agriculture starts with good information. The rapid growth in the number of smartphones throughout the world, particularly in rural areas, offers the possibility of making more agricultural knowledge accessible to small-scale farmers. Support for these small-scale farmers improves their productivity and income and also encourages the introduction of sustainable farming methods.

Image Source : Smart Farming

Image Source : Smart Farming

These apps support organizations to increase their impact.The apps are built from a farmer perspective with practical advice that is easily applicable to their crops. Data is gathered and used to make predictions and support management decisions of farmers and affiliated companies.

Customized advices on cultivation pop up daily. They are based on individual information provided by the farmer (size of the field, type of variety, season, irrigation method etc.) and real-time weather data. All recommendations were prior tested and approved through participatory technology development with farmers.

The app provides the users, with practical support. This entails:

  1. Pest and Disease Management: Based on pictures provided by the farmer, pests and diseases in the field can be identified. However, compared to similar products or apps, the Smart Farming App focuses on preventing diseases before they break out instead of acting when it is too late. This is done –based on weather data and planting date – through guidance on effective, preventative and sustainable pesticide use.
  2. Irrigation: No more wasting of water – the app calculates individual irrigation needs, based on the farmer’s input and on hourly weather forecasts for the upcoming five days.
  3. Pre-Sowing: Which varieties are suitable for my field? How can I determine the correct spacing for my sowing? Ask the app!
  4. Fertilization: Based on calculations of nutrient requirements of the crop at the targeted yield, an individual fertilizer schedule will be provided.

SmartFarming support programs on closing yield gaps, nutrition, certification, better farming practices, sustainability, value chain improvement and more. We make sure farmers have the best agronomic information in the palm of their hand enabling you to effectively reach thousands and strengthen your (training) programs with data. If you are a farmer or extension agent SmartFarming is your reliable source for problem identification, problem control, future problem prevention and better crop yield. Our tool guides you with proactive information on all steps needed for the highest yield. SmartFarming is a dynamic tool changing based on the recommendations of a community of plant science experts and farmers at a local and global level.

Vision 2020

SmartFarming currently have tailor-made solutions for potato, coffee and cotton in India. Commissioned by international partners. And executed by local users directly working with farmers on a regular basis. SmartFarming dreams of a service that serves millions of farmers and hundreds of agricultural businesses with smartphone solutions that make agriculture more sustainable and raise living standards. 


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