DJI brings latest AGRAS T20 drone for easier, smarter agricultural spraying

The DJI AGRAS T20 features an Omnidirectional Digital Radar system that detects obstacles in any direction horizontally

Image credit: DJI

Image credit: DJI

China-based DJI, a global leader in the development and manufacture of civilian drones and aerial imaging technology for personal and professional use, is once again transforming agriculture with its latest agricultural drone, the DJI AGRAS T20. This rugged, high-performance and precision smart agricultural spray drone integrates powerful features into a modular and portable design, making it practical and scalable for farmers who are ready to implement digital ideas and automatic spray technologies in their operations. To facilitate operation in more complex environments and different agricultural terrains, the DJI AGRAS T20 has received a series of optimizations, from its autonomous radar for definition of flight and interpretation of the terrain, to a longer operating time, high load capacity and options off-grid power.

The DJI AGRAS T20 can carry up to 20 kg, and the sprinkler arrangement was optimized to achieve up to a 20% improvement in droplet uniformity and an effective spray width of seven meters. The DJI AGRAS T20 has eight high volume sprinklers and pumps that can spray at a rate of up to 6L / min. A highly optimized wind field produces droplets of the ideal size and consistency. With the new four-channel electromagnetic flow meter design, the drone can monitor and control all four hoses independently, ensuring an efficient rhythm for each sprinkler.

The DJI AGRAS T20 features an Omnidirectional Digital Radar system that detects obstacles in any direction horizontally. It also avoids obstacles automatically when flying over different terrain, which makes possible a high level of operational safety. With this radar system, the AGRAS T20 adapts to some of the toughest environments, and thanks to its high resistance to dust and water the drone received an impressive IP67 rating. 

DJI's agricultural solution packages are designed to monitor crop health and generate different procedures for treatments. With the P4 Multispectral, operators can record target areas and generate multispectral tables with executable actions for crop health, and help formulate different spray and seeding maps.


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