Scientists develop non-toxic activated carbon from tea, banana waste

A team of scientists have used tea and banana waste to prepare non-toxic activated carbon, which is useful for several purposes like industrial pollution control, water purification, food and beverage processing, and odour removal. The newly developed process avoids the usage of any toxic agent for synthesising ac...Read more

UPL launches ‘The Gigaton Challenge’ to support farmers in reducing atmospheric carbondioxide

UPL has announced the launch of a new series of initiatives to be deployed globally which will leverage sustainable methods to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide equivalent 1 Gigaton by 2040. At an event in Sao Paulo, hosted by Jai Shroff, CEO, UPL, Mauricio Macri, Executive Chairman, FIFA Foundation, and attended ...Read more

Suzano's innovation in eucalyptus to provide solutions to environment challenges

Suzano, the world’s leading eucalyptus pulp producer and one of Latin America’s largest companies, will showcase its new innovative fluff pulp, Eucafluff, for the first time at Index 20 in Geneva on October 19 to 20.Suzano believes in the power of eucalyptus and innovation to provide solutions to the e...Read more

Nestlé initiates reforestation efforts in Philippines

Nestlé has recently launched a new initiative to plant two and a half million native bamboo clumps and a million trees over the next three years in the Philippines. This reforestation effort supports Nestlé's goal to plant 200 million trees by 2030. It also forms part of the company's plan to scale u...Read more

YACHAK, One Tree Planted provide 72 farmers with sustainable income and employment

YACHAK, committed to providing a purely natural and organic source of energy that helps protect the trees, communities, and species of the Amazon rainforest, has rolled out a new product packaging that features a clean, bright design and its own unique associated animal. Each species is local to the Amazon Rainfor...Read more

YANMAR introduces vineyard robot

YANMAR has introduced a new, technological breakthrough for wine producers – a vineyard robot that offers a host of benefits for wine growing operations of all sizes including enhanced safety, productivity, cost reductions and versatility. YV01 is an autonomous spraying robot that can transform the way viney...Read more

IAAG writes to PM for fast-track approval of gene-editing guidelines in India

India Agriculture Advancement Group (IAAG) International has approached Prime Minister, Narendra Modi expressing serious concern on the inordinate delay in the approval of draft guidelines for Safety Assessment of Genome/Gene-Edited Plants by the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC), the regulatory body ...Read more

Union environment minister reviews status of J&K's Wular lake for fish cultivation

Union Minister for Environment, Forest, Climate Change, Labour and Employment, Bhupender Yadav recently visited Bandipora district. The minister reviewed the status of the works being executed in the Wular Lake with physical and financial achievements, the progress of dredging etc.Yadav said that the Wular Lake ha...Read more

Agoro Carbon Alliance forays into India

Agoro Carbon Alliance, a global business created for farmers to earn additional revenue from positive climate action, has forayed into the Indian market. Backed by Yara, one of the global agriculture leaders in crop nutrition and integrated with Yara’s global reach, Agoro Carbon Alliance aims to build a more...Read more

Union environment minister inaugurates workshop on forests, biodiversity, climate change in Srinagar

Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bhupender Yadav recently inaugurated a workshop on forests, biodiversity and climate change-‘Sharing Knowledge and Actions’ at SKICC in Srinagar. The minister said that biodiversity will be conserved only when we strengthen the local community empha...Read more

NERCRMS bringing transformative changes in North East's agri sector

North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Society (NERCRMS), a registered society under the aegis of the North Eastern Council, Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, has adopted a holistic approach to development in the region. The two broad focus areas i.e. (i) social mobilisation, organisatio...Read more

Guwahati hosts business summit on edible oils

National Mission on Edible Oil- Oil Palm Business Summit for the North Eastern States was held in Guwahati. The conference began under the chairmanship of the Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar with the watering of the oil palm plant and showcasing of a film on an oil palm plantation.   Tomar e...Read more