12th AGROVISION 2020 Webinar Series : Watch on Demand Alert

The entire world is passing through the most difficult times due to COVID-19. And the poultry sector, even more, essential than ever, has not gone untouched. While all commercial and private establishments have been ordered to close down, Poultry (Chicken) meat and eggs booths are allowed as essential services. Ho...Read more

12th AGROVISION 2020 Webinar Series : Watch on Demand Alert

Agrovision is one such genuine initiative, which is providing an integrative framework and a platform to bring all the stakeholders consisting of farmers, Government, NGOs, Scientists, Industry under single umbrella to deliberate and debate at different levels for all around growth of agriculture. The vision of A...Read more

AgroSpectrum Webinar : 'Impact of COVID-19 on the agricultural sector"

COVID-19 lockdown is disrupting some activities in agriculture and supply chains. Few reports show that the non-availability of migrant labor is interrupting harvesting activities. There are disruptions in supply chains because of transportation problems and other issues. As a result, a number of questions are ari...Read more

12th AGROVISION 2020 : Webinar Series ( Watch on Demand )

The vision of Agrovision is to create a more knowledgeable, practical and a smart famer. Agrovision's basic objective has always been to Educate, Encourage and Empower the farmers through its major activities i.e. Free Workshops for farmers, International Exhibition, Expert Panel Discussions, Conference ...Read more

Webinar Alert : Climate change and regenerative agriculture, practice and policy

First AgroSpectrum Editorial Webinar Annoucement Date:  28 th Jan 2020 Time: 1:00 PM IST   Climate change is real, and human activity is a primary factor. In fact, today’s food supply chain creates about 13.7 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, which accounts for about a quarte...Read more