Bacteriophages: Ensuring Safety of Poultry Animals

In 2019, a team of scientists reported treating a life-threatening infection in a young cystic fibrosis patient in London with the use of genetically engineered bacteriophages -- viruses that attack and destroy bacteria. The patient who was struggling with a multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium infection was cleared ...Read more

Agrovision Summit launches the debut of AgroSpectrum

As you are aware that MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications, an Integrated Media Organization is committed to create brands that enable knowledge sharing and business collaboration across various areas of Science & Technology through its various key business verticals of Media, Events and Partnering since its ...Read more

The know-how of soil fertility

Soil fertility and sustainable agriculture experts know that most soils today need their health and endurance restored. Soil fertility relates to the capacity of soil to support agricultural plant growth. But if this were indeed the case anywhere at all - especially the sustained and consistent bit measured over a...Read more